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This section provides suggestions and resources to assist you in crafting a compelling argument for investing in palliative care. 

Description of Palliative Care

Palliative care is a relatively new specialty. Educating patients, families, clinicians, and health plan leaders on what exactly palliative care is and is not can be an important component to making the case. Often palliative care is confused with hospice care. The two are related but not the same.

The Value Case:

How Palliative Care Supports the Quintuple Aim

A substantial body of evidence demonstrates that palliative care improves clinical outcomes, patient and caregiver quality of life, and patient experience, while also mitigating the cost of care. There is also emerging evidence that palliative care contributes to an enhanced provider experience and advances health equity.

Policy Imperatives and Trends

Regulatory mandates are in place or are being considered in several states. Even where not mandated, health plans can seek a competitive advantage by adopting palliative care now, before it becomes a requirement.

Talking Points to Generate Interest

As you work towards aligning stakeholders and presenting the case for palliative care to plan decision makers, it’s essential to have talking points that succinctly and clearly communicate the benefits of palliative care.


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